Works on all platforms

How does it work?


Awazza anticipates your behavior and prepares the websites that you will visit

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Content Prioritization

Awazza sends the most interesting content first

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Universal Acceleration

Awazza is fast for every website and mobile application

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Image Scaling

Optimize the images for your mobile according to the screen resolution and browser that you use

Personal Dashboard

See your 3G data usage report and select your own compression level

Selective Compression

Apply higher level compression to information that you are not interested in

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Tracking Prevention

When you visit a web page, ads networks may be tracing your activity to show you personalized ads. Awazza prevents you from receiving those annoying ads that follow you from one page to another

Ultra Fast Mode

When you are in a subway, your network signal could be very bad and not able to send you anything besides some texts. Awazza provides you with another way to read the news for those situations

My Day Summary

Would you like to have a summary of your daily activity in your phone and share it with your friends? Awazza will generate the summary for you and let you to decide what to do with it

Getting started

Access to the service is closed right now.